Connecting People

Through social events, volunteering opportunities, and social groups, Network Desoto seeks to provide opportunities for people to meet and form relationships that benefit community. These events are most often done through collaboration with other organizations and a few of our own.

Connecting Businesses

We seek and maintain connections with the businesses in our community to stimulate the local economy. Through our community business directory and business spotlights, we advertise their products and services on our website for easy access for our neighbors.

Creating Opportunities

When people and businesses meet, opportunities are created. Our goal is to create the environment where those opportunities can happen organically and with a little help. We provide connections between need and supply on all levels.



This project exists to connect people and businesses in order to create opportunities and stimulate economic and social growth in DeSoto, TX.

Welcome & Introduction

What ever happened to "neighborhoods"―the kind where you knew who lived next door and weren't afraid to ask to borrow a cup of sugar? Today, we live in better houses, drive better cars, but we have lost a real sense of what community is.

Well, I am not just interested in talking about the problem. I want to do something about it. This Network DeSoto project is my way of lighting the flame of a new spin on the old-fashioned ideal of community. I am on a mission to connect with everyone in DeSoto and surrounding areas. No! I am not running for political office nor do I desire to run. I just believe that one person with a made up mind can change the world. I want to be one of those people. Won't you join me?

Each person has a gift, a talent, a skill that they can offer for the betterment of our world. I want to get to know you, find out what yours is and connect you with others who need your gift and who have something that you need. Today, I am focused on DeSoto, Texas. My hope is that my actions will start a revolution and others will duplicate what I do in other circles of influence.

Let's get to know each other. Let's improve our communities. Let's change the world.


- Alex D. Byrd, Project Creator & Director

Current News & Press Releases

Hey Dallas, Meet Locally Made Fat Duck Ice Cream

from the Dallas Observer

DeSoto native Bryce Woods, 27, started making ice cream two years ago while working as an operations manager at Amazon Fresh. After getting a sociology degree from TCU, his entrepreneurial spirit landed him at a business accelerator program at the University of Arizona. And while he didn't expect to get into the ice cream scooping business, he loved how happy his coworkers were when he passed out ice cream to share.